M&A market in the UK

The business environment is becoming more competitive and more open, and this is also true of the sources of finance available. We can assist is finding the most suitable types of finance for your needs and the most competitive prices, through bank loans, Government assistance, venture capital, private investors or foundations.

When seeking a bank overdraft or loan, or applying for certain types of government aid, or when you want to attract new investors or partners, you will need to present a convincing picture of your business's financial condition and future prospects. We know what information is required and how it should be presented to have the best chance of success.

Different financing methods may affect your tax position in different ways. We will consider the tax implications of any new financing undertaken.

Buying, selling or merging

Buying a business

Sometimes an entire business is purchased as a going concern or its assets are bought. Even a company's accumulated tax losses can be valuable. The difficulty in purchasing a business is knowing how much to pay since there is rarely a market comparison available. Even where a public company is concerned, the quoted share price may not reflect the real worth of the business. Thus, it is usually necessary to get expert advice on valuation. As chartered accountants we can help to assess the value and can also assist in negotiating the deal.

Disposing of a business

At some stage you may wish to sell part or the whole of your own business for some reason. You will have to put a value on the business and, of course, find a suitable buyer. Here again, we can help by assessing the value of goodwill and assets and, perhaps, by introducing potential purchasers. In order to maximize the sale sales value, it is important to plan a considerable time ahead. We have a vast experience in this area.

Merging two businesses

Merging with another business can involve complicated financial negotiation. There may be a transfer of shares or a cash adjustment between the parties and there will probably be a lengthy legal agreement which will need examination from a financial viewpoint. The tax and accounting calculations can sometimes be extremely complex and usually require expert knowledge.

Management buyouts

Sometimes a company or part of a business is sold to its own workforce, perhaps as a result of divestment by the parent company or to avoid closure. The raising of finance for a 'management buyout' may involve complicated loan arrangements between the company and the new shareholders. The tax implications need careful appraisal too.

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