A global economic power shift is being accelerated by high investments and improved business communications between Asia's emerging markets and those mature markets in the US and Europe.

We believe that communication and the relationship between emerging and mature markets will continue to improve and the need for a global overhead and governance will become even more important.

When focusing on solid business operations across local boundaries you need the right infrastructure to evolve your business and become a global player in your market.

Our tax advisors have been supporting many of our international clients to structure international taxes and to manage their continious global business operations.

Services provided

  • Cross-border expansion and structuring joint ventures
  • International mergers and acquisitions services
  • Foreign tax credit planning
  • Tax treaty planning
  • Shared services center implementation
  • Sales, manufacturing and operational services and tax optimization
  • Transfer pricing consulting and documentation
  • International tax planning and compliance
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Klaus Schottler, CPA

Managing Director
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