Market Entry Strategy

In 2012 we experienced that many new international companies considered the incorporation of a legal entity in Germany. This first consideration, however, was only a "next step" of a long and carefully thought evaluation process. The majority of all us known business cases was started by identifying a long-term business ;goal, followed by the definition of a very individual business strategy.

After the long-term business strategy has been made transparent to all stakeholders also an individual go-to-market approach was defined that would support the market entry strategy for Germany and Greater Europe.

In this early stage also your brand, people and market will be taken in consideration. By creating an optimized market entry strategy that would align your marketing & sales organizations with the multiple channels. Communicating your story to the right customer segment will reach an increased penetration for your brand, products or services on the European markets.

While executing a go-to-marketing strategy we will work very closely with you. This collaboration will allow us to frequently monitor your goals vs. the ongoing results of your tailored market entry strategy.

How we can assist you

Our expertise will help you to place your marketing strategy against your individual long-tem objectives. The resolution of a very well prepared strategy due diligence, however, is the foundation of a successful long-term development of your business in Europe.

Consultinghouse is committed to supporting our customers already in this very early stage of the market entry approach. Our competence center for corporate strategy will help you to achieve transparency and to keep the risk to a minimum.


  • Review of business case
  • Understand business activities
  • Define project criteria
  • Translate into location benchmarking 
  • Draft Human resource profiles
  • Understand supply chain management factors
  • Highlight knock-out criteria


  • Strategy meeting (approx. two days) - including (if applicable):
  • Site selection expert
  • Industry expert
  • Human resource expert
  • Supply chain expert
  • Transfer pricing expert


  • Communication plan
  • Project management plan
  • Final list with countries/cities
  • Final list with location factors
  • Final evaluation of knockout criteria
  • Final required human resource profiles

We provide strategy consulting services

  • Development of market entry strategy
  • Market, competitor and customer analyses
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Business, finance and liquidity verification
  • Defining sales strategies & processes
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